Failure to yield: how Nova Scotia’s licensing system is failing its older drivers

University of King’s College masters’ project, April 2015
When it comes to licensing practices, Nova Scotia’s current system lags behind other provinces. It leaves unsafe drivers on the road and older drivers without the help they need.


I used historic data on Canada’s performance at the Olympic games to put this past summer’s results in context.

Brexit: Six charts on how the UK voted

The Globe and Mail, June 2016

The morning after the surprise result of the Brexit referendum, I used data to break down voter trends.

Overall crime rate still dropping in Canada, Statscan reports

The Globe and Mail, July 2015
For the eleventh year in a row, crime rates in Canada dropped. These four charts explain the key takeaways from the Statistics Canada release.

web design.

The making of a prime minister 

Maclean’s Magazine, October 2015
I designed the online version of a 20,000-word opus by Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells.

multimedia editing and design.

When a tree falls: A look at the daunting task of maintaining a city’s urban canopy

The Globe and Mail, July 2016

I helped Globe and Mail reporters Jill Mahoney and Leyland Cecco find, curate and visualize data about Toronto’s urban tree canopy. I was also responsible for packaging the five-part series online.


The end of a dialect?

University of King’s College masters’ project, July 2014
One of Canada’s most distinct dialects might not be around much longer – a short history and audio tour of the changing dialects of Cape Breton.


Newfoundland’s miserable summer: airport delays, wool socks and an arrested weatherman

The Globe and Mail, July 2015
If the people of Newfoundland and Labrador say they’re having bad weather, it must be pretty bad. Summer 2015 in Canada’s most eastern province was wet and cold, to say the least.

long form.

The accident that changed a community, Part II, Part III

Caledon Enterprise, June 2013
The Mother’s Day accident in May 1993 took the lives of eight young people in an instant but the memory and the lessons from the tragedy are not forgotten.